Crypto Currencies and Blockchain MicroMasters Program

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About Program

Why Crypto Currencies and Blockchain MicroMasters?

The Blockchain is the base architecture that allows the creation of the different existing cryptocurrencies. Since its inception until today, the interest shown in this type of technology, as well as its use in different fields, has increased considerably, due to the advantages derived from its use.

All this has increased the need to gradually explore using this type of technology. In this context, it is key to have professionals who have knowledge of Blockchain and DLT technologies, professionals who understand their operation and who can actively contribute in the process of their implementation. In fact, this need is already noticeable in the labor market, where there has been an increase of 26% in the demand for this type of professionals.

This MicroMasters seeks to fill an important gap that exists today between the supply of and demand for academic knowledge in the areas of Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology. Participants get exposed to an enriching and stimulating curriculum that covers important areas of Blockchain technology like Blockchain and Digital Currency, Blockchain Systems and Architectures, Blockchain and Entrepreneurship Management, Emerging Topics in Blockchain and Digital Currency, Digital Currency Programming, and Smart contract programming.

An increasing number of finance, banking, computing, supply chain, AI and IoT businesses are discovering the benefits of this technology. This new potential and the new risks it may involve have to be carefully evaluated by expert lenses, not just in one field, but through the interface of many expert tangents. In this increasingly competitive and interconnected environment, challenges abound and there are no easy solutions. The more spherical the education, the more responsible business decisions can be made, and the best vectors to maximize the advantages out of the use of this technology, can be achieved.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Understand blockchain technology, its implications and applicability in technological, business and legal fields.
  • Understand the types of languages most used for the programming of smart contracts and applications based on blockchain.
  • Learn to manage blockchain technology implementation projects in the company.
  • Identify and analyze challenges, prospects, and risks of Cryptocurrencies and devise business proposals and/or develop Blockchain systems and services that address them.
  • Analyze best practices related to digital currencies, specify business opportunities, and apply digital currency based innovative solutions to address problems in business, finance, or the society at large.

Program Content

Introduction to Blockchain and Digital Currency

  • Blockchain Systems and Architectures
  • Law and Regulation in Blockchain
  • Emerging Topics in Blockchain and Digital Currency
  • Blockchain and Entrepreneurship Management
  • Principles of Money, Banking and Finance

Blockchain Management

Blockchain and Business: Applications and Implications

Transacting on the Blockchain

Blockchain Opportunity Analysis

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