Digital Banking MicroMasters Program

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About Program

Why Digital Banking MicroMasters?

With the constant evolution of digital technology, banking and the economic landscape became digitalized. This Digital Banking MicroMasters is designed to introduce you to the universe of digital banking eco system. You will learn its new tools and technologies, whether you are pursuing a career in this industry, or want to expand your knowledge of financial technology in general.

This digital banking MicroMasters starts by helping you to adapt to new generation banking, focusing on online banking. Throughout this course, you will expand your knowledge of e-Banking trends, practices, and digital banking strategies, with a complete overview of digital transformation.

In this MicroMasters, participants will learn about the latest innovations and best practices in digital banking. They will uncover what digital transformation means in the banking industry with the help of practical case studies and contextual examples from around the region. Participants will understand what transformation and financial technology mean in banking and understand the different ways of operating the channels of the banks. They will also get a sneak-peek into the next generation of digital banking.


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What Will You Learn?

  • Building end-to-end digital transformation by bringing Lifestyle needs in Banking platform and transform existing core processes.
  • Recognize the biggest competitor to the financial industry.
  • Identify areas where FinTech will revolutionize your banking and finance business.
  • Identify already existing threats from non-banks.
  • Explain blockchain, cryptocurrencies and the future of currency.

Program Content

Enabling Banking and Finance

  • Banking today
  • NBFIs Vs Traditional Banks
  • Banking the future – the digitally enabled bank
  • How FinTeh is Reshaping Banking
  • FinTech as an enabler of banking services
  • Case studies on digitally enabled banks
  • What Will the Future of Banking Look Like?
  • Stylized facts and basic concepts
  • Impact of FinTech on credit, deposits, and capital raising: will P2P lending replace banking lending?
  • Banks Can Play the FinTech Game Too
  • Mobile Banking & Mobile Payment
  • PSD2 overview and how goes changed the financial industry landscape in Europe
  • Payment technology arms race
  • Digitalization of money
  • Distributed ledger technology explained
  • From fiat currencies to cryptocurrencies
  • test meeting

Digital Transformation in Financial Services & Digital banking

Banks & Banking Services

Innovative Technology in Banking

Building the Platform & Strategy

Operational Digital Banking

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