Leadership resilience Workshop

  • Define resilience and explain why resilience is essential in the workplace.
  • Identify common characteristics of low resilience in yourself and others.
  • Engage in activities and use skills/tools that build your resilience.
  • Model resilience skills and tools in your workplace.
  • Support and mentor employees with low resilience.
  • Evaluate your team’s resilience.
  • Foster the 7Cs of team resilience.
  • Conduct an exercise to identify your team’s resilience strengths and weaknesses.
  • How do I protect the energy of others?
  • How do I lower stress in myself & others?
  • How do I maintain a positive mindset?
  • How do I build bonds that sustain?
  • Resilient Women in Leadership

12 hours.

Arabic and English.

Online live workshop.

Ready to build resilience today?