Logistics Management

MicroMasters Program




72 hours


4-6 Hours weekly




£ 999

Why Logistics Management MicroMasters?

In the background between getting products from the location of production to the consumer, there are functions that include transportation/delivery, storage, packaging, cargo handling, distribution processing, and information processing that serve as the system to deliver products quickly and on time. Logistics is the flow that encompasses all of the steps and processes involved in delivering the products of a company to consumers.

Who is this program for?

This online program provides a hands-on, interactive tour of the logistics management keys to success for those concerned to be part of a multibillion-dollar industry and keeping vital pieces of the economy moving smoothly while being cost-effective. This is more than just project management. It’s staying on top of a complex group of moving parts so that no one knows all the effort it took to get their package or supplies.

With a keen focus logistics industry, this high-impact MicroMasters will make you adept at effectively improving the most critical and vital industry for today’s business and economies, if you are:


  • Goals of logistics.
  • Logistics system.
  • Types of Logistics.
  • Logistics Glossary.
  • Transportation, Delivery, and Truck Freight.
  • Management of shipping.
  • Distribution Processing and Packaging.
  • Role of Logistics Equipment (Material Handling Devices).
  • Storage and Cargo Handling.
  • Information Systems.
  • Types of Logistics Centers.
  • How to Improve Logistics Work?
  • Eliminating the 3Ms in logistics.
  • Process Management.
  • Preventing Mistakes.
  • Making Work Efficient.
  • Case Studies to Increase Efficiency for Logistics.

Key Programme Takeaways

  • Solve the issues in logistics worksites, the flow of goods, flow of work, and flow of information at the worksite must be totally optimized, from receiving to shipping.

  • Increase the work efficiency at logistics worksites from the standpoints of simplifying work; this is when “Kaizen” can first be achieved.

  • Create frameworks and impact content for successful campaign strategy planning and implementation by choosing the right metrics.

  • Changing the flow of traffic/layout, and automating work using material handling devices.

  • Measure, analyze and optimize the process using in-demand metrics and best practices through the new technologies.

Your Learning Journey

The first week is orientation week. During this week you will be introduced to the other participants in the class from across the world and you will learn about the track details, materials, assignments, and final project.

On other weeks, you have learning goals set for the week. The goals would include the online interactive lectures and completing the assignments. All assignments need to be submitted within one week.

The programme features weekly live online sessions with industry practitioners who are available to help you clarify your doubts pertaining to the content. Assignments are graded by the program faculty.

Discussion boards are an integral part of each module and provide a forum where participants can interact, share ideas, and ask questions.

Live webinars with Everest Business School provide opportunity for additional instruction as well as Q&A sessions for the group.

The Programme Support team will follow up over emails and phone calls with learners who are unable to submit their assignments on time or have any other concerns during the learning journey till sending the MicroMasters’ final grade.