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Everest Business School delivers exceptional live online and physical learning experience with innovative teaching and learning solutions.
Everest Business School is constantly modifying its MicroMasters Programs content and procedures to guarantee that our graduates have the prerequisite knowledge and transferable skills to succeed in a rapidly changing workplace.
Everest Business School MicroMasters are designed to serve a few or thousands of learners, and access courses from anywhere. Everest is an Interactive learning model and multiple assessment types to engage learners in active & deep learning to gain an exceptional learning experience.

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Expand your knowledge in a specific career field

Outstanding selection of professors with academic and executive backgrounds

Academic and practical learning experience

Assignments and case studies-based evaluation

Small-group classes (max 30 per classroom)

Path the way to Master's Degree

Cost-effective and flexible payment options

Bilingual English Arabic classes

Bilingual classes "Arabic & English"

MicroMasters Program Certificate


بصراحه التدريب فى ايفرست فرق كتير معايا فى طريقة التفكير و حل المشاكل اللي بتواجهنى فى العمل بتاعي و التطوير من الذات للوصول لأكبر الأهداف العملية


جون حنا

Assistant sales manager, شركة ضامن للمدفوعات الالكترونية

I attended the training talking about employee behavior. What are the needs that you can meet in the formation phase of Tim? It is very important to understand what is going to happen to be expected. Thank you Everest.


Ibrahim Mansour

Sales section head, Geidea Egypt

التدريب والتعليم من اكتر الحاجات المهمة في الحياة وخصوصا لما تطبقهم عملي، أنا استفدت جدا من التدريب اللي حصلت عليه مع  ايفريست. وخصوصا في إدارة الوقت والتخطيط وإدارة الأزمات والتفاوض ومن أهم الحاجات اللي فرقت معايا هي إستخدام البدائل وفي التفاوض كان أسلوب التشتيت


مصطفى صابر

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