SMEs Resilience Workshops

Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) and entrepreneur sectors would have done well to build their resilience. prior to COVID-19 and the economic recession. But if they didn’t, as with so many, right now is the time to plant the seeds for short, medium and long-term resilience. Just because you weren’t prepared for COVID-19 and the latest economic fluctuations doesn't mean you shouldn't be building up your resilience during them, not only to get through the crisis but also as a buffer against the next.
Resilience is as much a tool for surviving during crises as it is for thriving.

SMEs Resilience Workshops

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Check out all workshops here, select “enrol now” on the one you prefer, and then you will need to choose your payment plan and create your account. After that, our team will contact you to manage your schedule. If you still need help deciding which workshop is better for you. Don’t hesitate to call us for help here (Free 30 mins call).

Yes, all the Start-ups & SMEs Center’s workshops are offered online on a live basis.

We have an outstanding selection of professors with academic and practical backgrounds in business, banking, fintech, and medical fields.

For information regarding our refund and cancellation policy, please see Changing Programs and Services Status Policy.

Don't hesitate to call us.

It's always better to know all your options; we assist you in making the best decision possible. 

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