Sports Management

MicroMasters Program




80 hours


4-6 Hours weekly




£ 999

Why Sports Management MicroMasters?

Sports management course helps you in planning, organizing, directing, controlling, budgeting, and evaluating different types of professional sports and physical activities. MicroMasters in sports management build the necessary skills for managing a sports team and the business management of a sports club.

​Whether you’re negotiating a sponsorship contract for a local event or a multimillion-dollar deal for a player or team you need the skills to close a successful business deal.

Who is this program for?

This Micromasters program covers everything you need to know about sports administration and management. It is designed for:


  • Market Research in Sports Management.
  • Strategy and Innovation in Marketing Management.
  • Strategy and Plan in the new Marketing Ecosystem.
  • Consumer and Fan.
  • Brand and corporate reputation.
  • Monetization, measurement and transformation in Marketing.
  • Sales and monetization management.
  • Disruption and measurement of new marketing.
  • Sports Promotions.
  • Public Relations in Sports.
  • Sponsorship in Sports.
  • Bidding for sporting events.
  • Event creation, design and development.
  • Event planning: processes, risk management and readiness.
  • Event planning methodology.
  • Event organisation, human resources and volunteering.
  • Sustainable event management.
  • Event impact and legacy.
  • Event evaluation and evolution.
  • To understand and apply the elements of the strategic planning process.
  • To learn how companies can develop sustainable competitive advantages.
  • To understand the creation of competitive advantages through business models.
  • To understand the basic principles of strategic management at the corporate level.
  • To know the most relevant frameworks that help management implement a strategy and manage change.
  • Implementing and evaluating strategies.
  • Strategic and Operational Planning.
  • Performance Management.
  • Sport Management Challenges.
  • Governance and sport.
  • Governance structures in sport.
  • Leadership in sport.
  • Business Intelligence.
  • Controlling in sports organizations.
  • Selected kinesiology topics.
  • Project management.
  • Socio-psychological aspects of major sports competitions.
  • Sports Industry and Markets.
  • Sports Law.
  • Human Resource Management Strategy.
  • Sport Media.
  • The role of financial management in a sports organization.
  • Using key financial instruments (Part 1): balance sheets.
  • Using key financial instruments (Part 2): profit and loss statements; cash flow forecasts.
  • Using key ratios for sport.
  • Using budgets and techniques for financial forecasting.
  • Using KPIs and internal control systems.
  • Applying key principles of financial planning.
  • Investment appraisal techniques and risk analysis.
  • Returns and financial management of resources.
  • Technology in Sport.
  • Big Data and Sports Marketing.
  • Marketing Web Strategy.
  • E-sports the new generation of marketing.

Key Programme Takeaways

  • Develop strategic marketing of sport products and services.

  • Develop and identify indicators that form the successful sports events management.

  • Analyze the structure of the sports industry and the trends in its environment.

  • Create financial business plan/project.

  • Recognize the technology role in the sports industry.

Your Learning Journey

The first week is orientation week. During this week you will be introduced to the other participants in the class from across the world and you will learn about the track details, materials, assignments, and final project.

On other weeks, you have learning goals set for the week. The goals would include the online interactive lectures and completing the assignments. All assignments need to be submitted within one week.

The programme features weekly live online sessions with industry practitioners who are available to help you clarify your doubts pertaining to the content. Assignments are graded by the program faculty.

Discussion boards are an integral part of each module and provide a forum where participants can interact, share ideas, and ask questions.

Live webinars with Everest Business School provide opportunity for additional instruction as well as Q&A sessions for the group.

The Programme Support team will follow up over emails and phone calls with learners who are unable to submit their assignments on time or have any other concerns during the learning journey till sending the MicroMasters’ final grade.